Cost by Project


Estimated Cost

Improve Safety and Security

$3.4 million

Update Wilson Elementary

$6.3 million

Replace Temporary Classrooms at Cleveland and Lincoln-Erdman Elementary

$4.2 million

Update and Expand the Pigeon River Elementary Campus

$3.6 million

Update Sheridan Elementary

$1.9 million

Expand James Madison Elementary

$1.1 million

Update District-wide Infrastructure

$8.5 million

Total Estimated Cost:

$29 million


The School Board works very hard to be good financial stewards of your tax dollars. It is for this reason, as promised, the School Board has waited over ten years to propose another referendum to address pressing needs. This is a particularly good time to consider our options because of historically low interest rates as well as an increase in state-aid, which offsets the local tax levy.

The Cost

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