Project Descriptions

Improve Safety and Security

estimated cost: $3.4 millionview project chart

The safety of our students and staff is our top priority.  The District has completed Phase 1 of its security upgrades by reconfiguring the main offices at many schools to better control visitor access.   Phase 1 also included a complete replacement of exterior cameras at all secondary schools. The next phase would be to better secure the high school entrances, add exterior security cameras at all elementary buildings, and update security and fire alarms systems.

Update Wilson Elementary

estimated cost: $6.3 million | view site plan

Wilson Elementary School serves the largest number of elementary students in the District, but has the smallest gym.  The gym also serves as the cafeteria and performance space, creating capacity and scheduling challenges. Wilson also utilizes temporary classrooms, which were installed over 50 years ago.  The proposed project would include replacing of the temporary classrooms, adding restrooms, reconfiguring the bus/parent pick-up/drop-off area, replacing the original windows installed in 1958, and building a gym (similar to the gym at James Madison).

Replace Temporary Classrooms at Cleveland and Lincoln-Erdman Elementary

estimated cost: $4.2 million | view Cleveland site plan | view Lincoln-Erdman site plan

Thirty years ago, the District installed three temporary classrooms at Cleveland Elementary School and two at Lincoln-Erdman Elementary School.  These units are more expensive to heat and maintain and create security concerns.  The proposed project creates three permanent classrooms, adds two small group instruction areas, and remodels the cafeteria at Cleveland.  Four new classrooms and two small group instruction areas would replace the two temporary classrooms at Lincoln-Erdman.  

Update/expand the Pigeon River Elementary Campus

estimated cost: $3.6 million | view site plan

This building is at capacity, supporting two schools with over 450 students.  The combination cafeteria/gym creates capacity and scheduling challenges.  The parking lot and drop-off area would be improved to address safety concerns.  The proposed project would construct a secured entrance at the Elementary School for the Arts and Academics (ESAA), build small group instructional spaces, update restrooms, and add a separate multi-purpose room with a kitchen.

Update Sheridan Elementary

estimated cost: $1.9 million | view site plan

The kitchen/cafeteria area is very small and additional classroom space is needed.  The proposed project would remodel the kitchen/cafeteria and add three classrooms.

Expand James Madison Elementary

estimated cost: $1.1 million | view site plan

Over the years, the special education population served at James Madison Elementary School has grown.  This project would add two classrooms to serve students.

Update District-wide Infrastructure 

estimated cost: $8.5 million

Although the schools have been well maintained, some building systems, including heating, cooling, and plumbing systems, are more than 60 years old and have reached the end of their useful life.  These systems are typically less efficient and require ongoing repairs.  The proposed project would include:

  • replacing heating and cooling systems
  • replacing roof sections
  • window replacements
  • parking/blacktop/playground repairs
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