The Sheboygan Area School District provides a strong, standards-based mathematics program.  Below are descriptions of the curriculum used at all grade levels.

Early Childhood

Students concentrate on number sense, identification of numbers and basic shapes and uses of measuring devices (ruler, clock, scale, thermometer).

Kindergarten through Grade 5

The Everyday Mathematics program (UCSMP) is used at these grade levels. The program covers a broad range of mathematical content, not just numbers and arithmetic. Some of the key features of Everyday Mathematics are:
  • Problem solving for everyday situations
  • Automaticity with basic number facts, arithmetic skills, and algebra
  • Practice through games
  • Ongoing review
  • Sharing ideas through discussion
  • Cooperative learning
  • Projects
  • Daily routines
  • Links between past experiences and explorations of new concepts
  • Informal assessment
  • Home and school partnership