Higher Expectations

Wisconsin has raised the benchmark scores needed for students to reach the proficient or advanced performance levels on the Wisconsin Knowledge and Concepts Exam (WKCE). Beginning with the school report cards released in October, student performance in reading and math will be reported using the new increased benchmarks. These new benchmarks are based on those used by the National Assessment of Education Progress (NAEP), an assessment that measures how students across the country are performing.

Because of these benchmark score changes, WKCE results across the state will show a significant decline in the number of students considered to be “proficient” or “advanced" compared to prior years. When applying the new benchmark scores to last year's data, the percent of students scoring  “advanced” or “proficient” in Reading decreased from 82% to 39%. In Math, the average decreased from 78%  to 48% of students that scored “advanced” or “proficient.” Typically, the SASD has scored at or above the state average, so we expect our scores to be similar to the state results. This does not reflect a change in the abilities of students, but rather reflects the higher standards and aspirations we have for our students.  

The Department of Public Instruction has posted a variety of resources on it's website at

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