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Past Budget Information - 2011-2012 school year

The Board of Education approved the 2011-2012 budget at the board meeting on October 25, 2011. Review the budget presentation.

The Sheboygan Area School District received less state aid then was projected on July 1 by the Department of Public Instruction. This decrease caused a shift to the tax levy which equates to a 29 cent increase to $11.70 per $1,000 of property value. (Note: this varies by municipality)

Key Points from the Budget Presentation:
• State aids were reduced by $7,594,649 (-10.5%).
• Revenue cap limit was decreased by $7,108,704 (-6.56%).
• $89,087 shifted to local taxpayers.
• Board of Education has implemented $13.6 million of budget reductions to balance this budget (total of $26.3 million over three years).
• The Board of Education is challenged to be fiscally responsive to local taxpayers while maintaining quality educational programs for students.

Information regarding the creation of the 2011-12 Budget:

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