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Veterans Day Recognition at Cleveland Elementary School
To honor Veterans Day the students and staff were treated to a special presentation by retired Navy “Mustang” Bill Breyfogle.  Bill served over 35 years as a combat photographer as well as a psychological operative in 4 conflicts including serving in active duty in Panama Canal, Guantanamo, Iraq and Afghanistan while leading the entire Central Middle East Division.

He presented a slide show featuring the children of Iraq showing the students the differences in how Iraqi children live. The students were amazed that Iraqi children did not know what bubbles were and they were interested to hear how excited the children were when they gave them some to play with. The girls were surprised to hear that in Iraq they would not have as many choices in life as Iraqi women are not able to do as much with their lives as American women are.  The students and staff enjoyed hearing the work that the military is doing to assist children in the country and enjoyed all of the pictures that Mr. Breyfogle shared.

The 5th grade class at Cleveland Elementary School  sang patriotic songs during the Veterans Day program at Lakeshore Technical College.

Sheboygan Area School District Press Release
December 10, 2012