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Cleveland and Montessori Schools Enjoy Marsh Field Trip
5th graders at Cleveland Elementary and NEW Montessori Schools
enjoyed two days at the Sheboygan County Marsh.

Day 1 was spent exploring the water for various species of bugs and analyzing them to see if the Marsh waterway is healthy. Once the experiments were complete the classes determined that it was healthy.

Day 2 they spent the day canoeing and learning to canoe in the channel. They even got to eat their lunches on the canoe. It was very challenging at the beginning of the day because of the strong wind but they got a break on the way back with the wind at their back.  The students, teacher and parent volunteers saw many interesting species.  They saw a blue heron, fish, and a turtle and saw a tree that had been chewed on by a beaver.

Mrs. Mc Geary, Tyler Mc Geary and Caleb Hickmann, both Cleveland Elementary students, enjoy the canoe day at the marsh.
Sheboygan Area School District Press Release
November 8, 2012