Tier 2

Tier 2

In the second tier of PBIS, students needing additional behavior support are offered individual or group level interventions. The Tier 2 team reviews behavior data and requests for assistance twice a month and makes decisions using the data. Staff or parents can refer students for extra behavior support by filling out a Request for Assistance (RFA) form. Students can also qualify for extra behavior support if they receive three ODR’s within a four-week time period. When students need additional behavior support, the first step is always to start with check-in/check-out.

Check-In/Check-Out (CICO)
The purpose of CICO is to give students increased positive support and more frequent feedback on their behavior. Increasing positive feedback has been shown to increase positive behaviors that match school wide expectations. Our expectations at Cleveland Elementary are responsibility, respect, and safety; these are the three areas your child will work on improving each day. CICO also makes it possible for home and school to have daily communication so your child knows we are all working together to support his/her success.
Click here for a copy of the CICO Daily Progress Report (DPR).

Each day, your child will “check in” with one of our CICO staff members. This staff member will remind them of the school-wide expectations and positively encourage them to act respectfully, responsibly, and safely throughout the school day. Your child’s teachers will complete a daily progress report (DPR) each day. Positive behaviors demonstrated by your child during the day will be discussed with him/her as they “check out” at the end of the school day. Your child will receive a copy of the DPR for you to review and sign. As the student works toward improving his/her goals he/she will earn praise and PAWS tickets. As a point of reference, the point goal for CICO is to have a student earning 80% of their possible points, 80% of the time. This is a realistic but often challenging goal that encourages students to be respectful, responsible and safe most of the time, without expecting that any of us can be “perfect” all of the time.

Social or academic instructional group (SAIG)
If students are able to achieve and maintain an 80% average over a period of 20 days with no major ODR’s, they are eligible to “graduate” from CICO. If not, they move on to the next level of support, which is called a SAIG group (Social or academic instructional group). SAIG group students will still use a daily progress report (DPR) and the DPR will still come home every day as it did before. The only changes are that the DPR goals will be individualized to match the SAIG group goals and the CICO person will change - he/she will be checking in and out with Mr. Klein each day. We will also be adding a 20-minute check-in group with Mr. Klein once a week. This check in time will be a chance for your child to reflect on how the week is going and to practice the goals on his DPR so that he can be more successful in showing positive behaviors at school.

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