Cooper in the News

Cooper Students Visit County Museum

Cooper second graders learning how to spin
wool into yarn.

On Tuesday, April 13, Cooper Elementary School second graders who are in Kelly Brotz's classroom went on a field trip to the Sheboygan County Historical Museum. While at the museum, the students participated in the Immigrants and Pioneers program.

During the program the students learned why the immigrants first came to America and what life was like for the immigrants when they arrived in America. The students had the opportunity to participate in some of the hands-on activities. Those activities included spinning wool into yarn, chopping firewood, carrying water, dipping candles, lighting oil lamps and playing games early pioneer children would have played.

In the afternoon the class spent time learning what life was like for the immigrant and they learned how important it was to have a stove. As a result of the trip, the students were able to compare and contrast their life and how life was for the immigrant.

Sheboygan Area School District Press Release
April 20, 2010