Speech and Language

Background Information:

Currently, the Early Learning Center employs 5 (4 full time and 1 part time) Speech Language Pathologists, Jane Carlson, Jacqueline Iseler, Amy Knuth, Marjorie McGuire, and Heather Pauly.  The therapists are certified by the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) and the American Speech Language and Hearing Association (ASHA). 

Our role at ELC is to consult with teachers and staff, assist, support, and diagnose children who have dealys in the areas of speech and/or language.  Those children, three years old and older, who have been identified with a speech and language handicapping condition, may receive speech and/or language services.  The speech and language services for preschool-aged children may be provided in a variety of settings including ELC, their home school, and daycare settings.

Speech and langauge impairments are a category within special education.  The state of Wisconsin has mandated criteria.  A student needs to demonstrate significant delays in speech and/or language to qualify to receive services.  These delays must significantly affect educational performance or social, emotional or vocantional development.  Visit the SASD Special Education Website for more information related to special education services.

All children, aged 3 and older, are encouraged to participate in a Child Find screening.  For more information on this screening, contact the ELC's Child Find Screening program at 459-6722.  Or visit the SASD Child Find Webpage.


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