Market Day

Market Day is a great fundraiser for teams and departments at Farnsworth, netting $1,212.20 during the 2012-13 school year. Each month, restaurant-quality food products from many familiar vendors such as Tyson, Tropicana, Smuckers, Campbells, Rich’s Sea Pak, and Kraft are available for purchase. Market Day products are competitively priced and our school will earn at least 10% of the wholesale value of the food purchased by Farnsworth families, staff, friends, and other community members who have come to know and enjoy the Market Day program.

Orders are due to Farnsworth one week before pick-up (see the back of the order form for exact date).  You may place your order online at By ordering online, you can take advantage of occasional online only specials.

Farnsworth pick-up dates are generally the third Thursday of the month from 3:00-4:00pm.  See the complete schedule of order deadlines and pick-up dates below.

If you have any questions about Market Day, please call Farnsworth Middle School at 459-3655.


2013-2014 Market Day Profit Recipients
February - Art
March - PBIS
April - 6th gradeCWD
May - Tech Ed


Farnsworth Market Day

2013-2014 Schedule

               Orders due to                             Online orders                   Pick-up date
               Farnsworth                                      due                            3:00-4:00pm    
               01/23/14                                   01/27/14                         01/30/14
               02/20/14                                    02/24/14                         02/27/14
               03/13/14                                    03/17/14                         03/20/14
               04/24/14                                    04/28/14                         05/01/14
               05/22/14                                    05/26/14                         05/29/14