Co-Curricular Student Activities

Farnsworth’s Co-Curricular Program
Our middle school co-curricular program encourages all students to participate regardless of their skill level or prior experience.  The program:

  • Is an extension of classroom instruction that allows students to explore interest areas to a greater extent.
  • Is founded on the development of good sportsmanship, responsibility, service, and enrichment.
  • Has a wide range of activities designed to meet the needs and interests of our students.
  • Provides a healthy level of competition without over-emphasizing winning.
  • Provides a supervised environment to ensure a safe, positive, fun-filled experience.
  • Challenges all students to try new activities without the fear of being “put down.”
  • Promotes the growth of self-confidence and the development of a positive self-image.

Our program of co-curricular activities covers a wide range of interest areas: fine arts, intramurals, clubs, service, and enrichment, all at no cost. We are very proud of our program and especially proud of the fact that over 75% of our students participate in one or more of our activities.
Most of our activities meet after school until 4:00 p.m. We never offer activities on Wednesdays because of the early release. Some activities meet four times a week, while others meet only once. Student can join an activity at any time.



Basketball - Boys October-November Gym (West) Mr. Binder
Basketball - Girls October-November Gym (East) Ms. Glanert
Cheerleading September-October Cafeteria Ms. Glanert
Ms. Roehl
Debate - website September-October Room 206 Ms. Towne
Soccer Fall Outside Ms. Cotter
Speedball September-October Gym Mr. Kloes
Talent Show October-November Cafeteria Ms. Rogler


Archery November-December Gym Mr. Meyer
Math Club Winter Room 195

Ms. Gerstner
Ms. Opgenorth
Ms. Cotter
Mr. Kooistra

Indoor Hockey January-February Gym Mr. Meyer
Mr. Kloes
Wrestling February-March Cafeteria Mr. Lehman
Mr. Saeger
Volleyball February-March Gym

Ms. Cotter
Ms. Rogler

Chess Club Winter Room 213 TBD
Science Fair Winter Rooms 194 & 012 Mr. Kulow
Ms. Miley


Drama/School Play February-April Cafeteria/Room 113 Ms. Roehl
Badminton March-May Gym Mr. Meyer
Pom Pons April-May Gym (East) Ms. Glanert
Ms. Rogler
Softball - Boys May-June Outside Mr. Binder
Softball - Girls May-June Outside Ms. Hranicka
Mr. Binder


Alternative Music All Year Room 113 Ms. Oftendahl
Art Club Tuesdays, Sept-Feb Room 130

Mrs.Van Driest

Horticulture Club Spring Rooms 305 & 310 Mr. Kainz
Mr. Wellna
Fitness Center All Year Room 160

Mr. Kloes
Mr. Meyer

Jazz Band All Year Room 114 Mrs. Kolar
Leadership Club All Year Room 315 Ms. Glanert
Light Busters All Year Room 305 Mr. Kainz
Memory Book   Room 210 Ms. Rogler
(Panther Press)
All Year Room 108 Ms. Wetzel
International Club All Year Room 204 Ms. Henschel
Stage Crew All Year Room 122 Mr. Ellis
Student Council - Website All Year Room 207 Mr. Binder
Mr. Kulow
Yearbook All Year Room 211 Ms. Rogler
Dates and advisors subject to change.