History of Our School

1931 Sheboygan's South Side Junior High School is completed.  Sheboygan's first junior high included students in grades kindergarten to 9th.  Enrollment of 862 students and staff of 24 full-time and 4 part-time teachers.
1958 Elementary classes are transferred to the new Wilson School, leaving a student population of 662.
1960 We became Farnsworth Junior High School, named for William S. Farnsworth, the man who is credited with founding Sheboygan
1975 A major remodeling took place providing space for science, music, art, technology education and the library
1982 We became Farnsworth Middle School as the concept of middle schools was adopted in Sheboygan
1997 Another major remodeling and additions are built to improve physical education, library, classroom and cafeteria spaces
2005 Remodeling converts the former auditorium space into two floors of classrooms, small instructional areas, and meeting spaces


Farnsworth Principals
Otto H. Lowe 1931 - 1946
Otto F. Huettner 1946 - 1959
Erwin J. Bach 1959 - 1969
Perry Gaalaas 1969 - 1974
James H. Arentsen 1974 - 1985
Roland Alger 1985 - 1989
Al Calabresa 1989 - 1999
Dave Williams 1999 - 2008
Todd DeBruin 2008 - Present