The 1-to-1 iPad initiative is here!  In January 2014, eighth graders recieved their school-issued iPads, and now all Farnsworth students are equipped with their iPads.  These mobile devices offer students increased learning opportunities and allow instruction to be more engaging and personalized than ever.

Each class also has an Edmodo virtual classroom group, where teachers can post assignments, share links with students, and moderate student discussions.

iPads offer students new opportunities to learn, and opportunities come with responsibilities. District-wide expectations for iPad use have been established and were taught during the iPad rollout.  Here is the iPad matrix:

Be Respectful
  • Use cameras/video tools appropriately and only with the teacher’s and subject’s permission.
  • Keep volume to an appropriate level.
  • Downloads must follow regulations in the student handbook.
  • Cooperate with adults when asked to see your iPad. 
Be Responsible
  • Bring your iPad to school every day, fully charged.
  • Report missing or lost iPads to the library staff immediately.
  • Only use a clean, soft, dry cloth to clean the screen.
  • Leave charging cords at home.
  • Protect iPads from exposure to any liquid or food.
  • Keep your iPad in the provided case with the strap attached.
  • Keep your iPad with you or in a designated place.
  • You are the only user of your iPad during the school day.
Be Safe
  • Keep your password private.
  • Keep your picture as your lock screen.
  • Follow the iPad Policies & Guidelines Agreement.
  • Report any abusive or questionable subject matter.
Be Productive
  • Close and put your iPad aside when you hear “iPads Rock” prompt.
  • Play music and games only when the teacher gives permission.
  • Keep SASD or teacher software/apps installed.


You can learn more about the iPad initiative by visiting the district's iPad Information for Families page.