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2013-14 School Year

FMS PBIS 3rd Quarter Reward


On April 4, 2014, 510 Farnsworth Middle School students celebrated no major discipline referrals during the 3rd Quarter. As part of the PBIS celebration students and staff enjoyed a show by Wisconsin hypnotist Jeff Michaels of Jim Wand Enterprises. Quarterly celebrations are a part of PBIS, which recognizes students' efforts to be respectful, responsible, safe and productive at school.


FMS Field Trip to Sunburst





Students from Farnsworth Middle School witnessed the laws of physics on their fieldtrip to Sunburst this winter. They had the opportunity to feel physics first hand when tubing down the Sunburst hills. They used equipment to gather data and calculate average speed, acceleration, and force of friction, coefficient of friction, potential energy, kinetic energy, work and power. The most exciting part about it was all the fun they had learning this while tubing down the hills!




FMS Coffeehouse Concert

On Tuesday, Feb. 25, the orchestra students from Farnsworth, Wilson, and Jackson, as well as the ChamberOrchestra Orchestra students from South High School performed in Farnsworth's Coffeehouse Concert. Intended to be a concert in a more casual style, the performance included large group performances from all four schools, a combined Farnsworth/South High piece, as well some solos and small ensemble pieces featuring several Farnsworth students. The Farnsworth Orchestras also offered baked goods and coffee, tea, cappuccino, and hot chocolate drinks for sale during the event as a fundraiser toward additional supplies for the orchestra program. Rounding out the 'casual' audience experience, cafeteria tables were set out as seating options for the crowd, in an effort for the event to mimic an 'open mic night' at a coffeehouse.

Teachers involved were Sarah Oftedahl from Farnsworth, Patty Misted from Wilson and Jackson, and Ann Muellenbach from South High School.

My favorite aspects of this event are future Farnsworth students having an opportunity to actively participate in a Farnsworth event prior to their arrival in 6th grade, helping to ease their transition into middle school, and also to see so many former Farnsworth students return from South High and make music in the FMS cafeteria once again. It is a joy to see and experience so many students who have chosen to make music, perform together!

Featured in the picture are the Farnsworth 6th/7th/8th grade orchestras (seated) and the SHS Chamber orchestra students (standing), with Mrs. Sarah Oftedahl conducting the final piece of the concert.