Farnsworth In The News

Pemco's Paper Donation Gives Farnsworth's Budget A Passing Grade
The colorful artwork for geology class ?¿½ and also Albert Einstein shown
behind the students ?¿½ was created on sheets from Pemco's
SHM folio-size sheeter.

Historically, Pemco has always been an enthusiastic and generous sponsor of many local organizations, charitable groups and events during its 49 years of business. Among these donations has been the general practice to help local schools meet their student's needs by supplying them with boxes and skids of sample product. These products come from the testing of machines before and during customer demonstrations. Preferring not to be wasteful, Pemco, with the helpful suggestions from employees, identifies groups who want and need such materials. Schools have been a favorite recipient due to their always-tight budgets and critical need. When schools have to tighten their belts, one of the first things to be cut back is printing and art supplies. On that front, Pemco can come to the rescue.

On this particular occasion, Farnsworth Middle School with 640 students in grades 6 through 8 and located in the city of Sheboygan, Wisconsin, was chosen. The school received approximately 18 skids of A4 cut-size paper and folio size sheets. Todd DeBruin, Farnsworth principal, stated, "Our school budget continues to shrink in this economy. This generous donation provides Farnsworth Middle School the opportunity to allocate resources to other areas to adequately meet student needs."

Other schools that receive a paper donation from Pemco sometimes use the material as photocopy paper, as templates in their technical education class to braise metal shapes together, or as posters for special groups, e.g., student councils. Sometimes the paper and sample products are used as building materials for school events, e.g., plays or sports or for seasonal school decoration. The material expands student learning and ways to demonstrate their new knowledge.

Sheboygan Area School District Press Release
October 19, 2009