Panama Canal Web Quest


The Panama Canal is one of the largest and most difficult engineering projects ever attempted. In the next week your job will be to research who, what, where, when, how and why—the six major questions asked by any researcher.


Your task as a researcher is to answer as completely as possible the question assigned to your group. You will create either a Powerpoint or poster to show what you have learned about your topic.
Who What countries were involved in building the canal? Who were the major figures that played a part? What was the work force like?
What What was the country of Panama like before the canal was built? What challenges did this country present; weather, animals, vegetation, terrain, disease?
When What was the timeline for the building of the canal? What is the future of the canal?
Where What locations were chosen for the canal? What were the reasons for the choices?
How How was the canal built? How does the canal work? What are the dimensions of the canal?
Why Why was the canal so important to so many groups of people?


Each student will use the Big6™ process to research their topic, using the worksheet to take notes and keep track of sources. Each group will produce either a Powerpoint or poster. What type of visual information will you include? (Map, diagram or picture with title, caption and labels)  Click here for the Panama Canal Investigation worksheet.


Who (Early Plans), (French Canal Construction), (American Canal Construction), (Work force)

What (The Land Panama)



How (Culebra Cut), (Locks Design)

Why (Early Plans)


You will be graded on your Powerpoint or poster.