Grant School Fishing Club


Mr. Ross and Mrs. Biemann have teamed up to provide this exciting after school activity. The materials are provided by the Department of Natural Resources' Angler Education program and the Future Fisherman Foundation's Hooked on Fishing-Not on Drugs. The equipment is possible through the support of the Grant School PTO.

Some of the skills and topics we will cover are:
  • Basic tackle and tying fishing knots
  • Identifying species of fish and bait used to catch them.
  • Fish anatomy, adaptations, and habitat
  • Safety rules and regulations, ethical fishing practices
Fishing is a natural avenue for the development of life skills because:
  • Fishing is natural motivator and turns kids on the learning
  • Fishing is an inexpensive and healthy recreational activity.
  • Fishing promotes positive lifestyles, communication skills, self-esteem, ethics, and a sense of environmental responsibility.
  • Anyone regardless of any disabilities can feel a sense of accomplishment.
  • Fishing gives people a time and place to think things out and reduce stress.
  • Fishing is a fun and natural way to involve parents in their children's lives.

Fishing Club is availalbe for 4th and 5th graders. Due to equipment and safety factors we will take 12 students in each session. Six weekly sessions will be offered in the spring and in the fall. The weekly sessions will be held in the Art Room and casting practice will be done on the playground or in the gym. The sixth week's session will be a fishing field trip; parents are encouraged to join us!

If we have more than 12 kids interested in a session, participants will be chosen by random drawing. Any students who can't get into a group will be given priority for the next group. Due to the popularity of Fishing Club, students may only participate in one group.

Fishing Club Fun Links: