Physical Education


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Ms. Lewitzke

Department Policies and Procedures

At Horace Mann, physical education is provided on alternate days for all students. We provide a wide variety of exploratory activities. Participation is the KEY FACTOR in determining a grade.

Uniform tops are required for all students. Please purchase them to accommodate a possible growth spurt. Also have your name clearly printed in the area provided. (Uniform tops can be purchased at Not Just Soccer LLC-1226 North 8th Street-Sheboygan-803-1580 OR O'Callahans-3426 Mill Road-Sheboygan-452-9740 OR Leave me in Stitches-1622 Indianan Avenue-Sheboygan-458-2501) Shorts or sweatpants should be worn. Students cannot participate in their school attire. Jean shorts are not allowed.

Lock & Locker:
A locker with a lock is assigned to each student for the safekeeping of his or her belongings. It is essential that students do not share their combination and KEEP THEIR LOCKER LOCKED AT ALL TIMES. Our locker rooms are used by many outside groups. We reserve the right to check lockers.

We expect everyone to participate in physical education activities unless a written excuse from the parent is presented to the teacher. A physician's statement is required for a student to be excused for more than two consecutive classes. After three "unexcused nonparticipation days," the parent will be contacted; the student will be placed on a "Daily Participation Summary," and serve make-up time.

Restricted Participation:
In the event a student has a handicapping condition or is recovering from a serious illness or injury, we require a written statement from the doctor indicating the duration for nonparticipation and any restricted activities upon their return.

Good personal hygiene is promoted in physical education. Showers and towels are always available for our students' use. Showers are optional. A towel fee is included with registration fees. Deodorant and shampoo (non-breakable containers) may be kept in students' lockers.

Our teachers must file an injury report whenever an injury occurs. Students are expected to tell the teacher if they hurt themselves in class. The school does not carry accident insurance for students. In the event of a serious injury, we will follow emergency and first aid procedures. Every effort will be made to contact you or your designee as indicated on the emergency card.

Lost Items:
Students are encouraged to keep their belongings locked up at all times. if something is lost or missing, the student should report it to the teacher immediately. The school does not have insurance for lost or broken items.

We provide a great deal of equipment for students to use in our activities. We expect our students to use the equipment safely and with care.

Make-up Work:
Students not participating in activities which are recorded will be given an opportunity to make up the activity.

Grading Criteria for Physical Education

In order for students to earn a grade in physical education, they will participate in written tests covering rules and strategies. Their physical skills will be assessed either by skill tests or through observation of their ability to use skills, which have been taught. Students' daily participation will be evaluated and is the most important component of their grade.

Written Tests & Skill Tests = 10%
Daily Participation = 60%
Special Fitness Day Participation = 30%

Daily work includes:
1. being in class on time
2. being dress appropriately
3. the level of participation
4. the application of concepts taught
5. student behavior

Discipline Policy

We base our discipline philosophy on the concept that students will make good decisions. If a student's actions are causing a problem for anyone, we will follow these three steps in order:

1. Ask them to stop
2. Remind them again
3. Remove them/call home