Information For Prospective Families


Horace Mann operates with a structure based on middle school philosophy. We focus on the intellectual, social, emotional, moral and physical developments of these young adolescents, thus educating the whole child.

An element of this is interdisciplinary teaming. This is an organizational structure where a core group of teachers are assigned to a small population of students. This structure allows for an environment that allows flexibility and variety as well as a mixed grouping of students. Teachers in this structure have a common planning time and are able to quickly address the needs of students in collaboration with parents.

Another essential ingredient of Horace Mann is a differentiated instruction plan. We understand that all students do not learn in the same way or at the same time. Differentiation allows students to experience material that is at their level and at a pace that is conducive to their learning.

We also offer many allied arts classes in which students can explore areas other than academics that may be of interest to them. Along with this, we have a wide array of co-curricular activities that students can be part of. We want students to try as many activities as they would like. Because of this, we do not focus on competition, but rather participation.

Lastly, here at Horace Mann we have the following elements:
• A shared vision
• Educators committed to young adolescents
• A positive school climate
• An adult advocate for every student
• Family and community partnerships
• High expectations for all
• Differentiated instruction
• Flexible, organizational structure
• Comprehensive guidance and support services

If you would like to learn more about our school, please feel free to contact the office to set up a tour ~ 459-3666.