Site-Based Management Meeting Minutes

No Site-based Meeting in June

August Meeting Date

  • Tuesday, August 13 from 1:00-3:00p.m.
  • Agenda will be sent out prior to meeting, which will include handbook and goals.

May 7, 2013 SBM Minutes

Open Forum – None

New Members – Marcia Doyle will stay on, Student Council Member will be known after elections.

Review March Minutes – Approved

Student Council

  • May 17 crazy hair day and Neon Highlighter color day.
  • Teacher Appreciation Lunch for Friday, May 10.
  • May 20 meeting planning theme and dance for 8th grade.
  • Saturday, May 11 Highway cleanup at 11:00 a.m.
  • April 28 -29 eleven students went to Green Bay Conference
  • Planning,  Minute to Win it Game for Lunchtime.
  • Will be helping unload for plant sale delivery.

PBIS/40 Assets

  • Month of March there were 48 referrals, the highest since November
  • April was high also
  • More Major behaviors with Disrespect being #1 in all grades
  • Classroom behaviors are an area of concern, PBIS will have a

Summer Training for Classroom Matrix , Mr. Wagner and three
Teachers will attend and bring back information to staff in August.

  • Times of concern are lunch and passing time before Focus
  • 3rd Quarter Reward was a Game Show, which started out strong but fizzled at the end. Suggestions were to have staff pick the students to participate or pull charger cards for names.
  • 40 Assets are being taught with the staff picking the activity to do. They like the choices.


  • Presentation of data by Mr. Wagner
  • Horace Mann is looking good and doing well
  • The data can be used to track trends.
  • Over the course of five years, advanced percentage has remained the same, while the proficient percentage has grown.
  • New State cutoffs for Math and Reading Proficiency.
  • Question if cutoffs will affect Academic Presidential Award requirements.

Spring Fundraiser

            - May 10 Delivery Day
            - 6-1: $500, 6-2: $1,014, 7-1: $625, 7-2: $1,230, 8-1: $625, 8-2: $406.

  • Each grade decides how the money is handled. For example: 7th grade pools the money and everyone pays the same for field trips.

Walking School Bus

  • Emily was promoted and is in the process of hiring someone else, unsure if they can be trained by August.
  • Vote was taken to suspend Walking School Bus. This was accepted.

2013-2014 Schedule

  • The listing of Periods 1 to 9 are for clerical purpose.
  • All three middle schools are calling the programs the same.
  • WIN stands for What I Need.
  • Advisory period will be teaching PBIS Cool Tools and 40 Assets. Mr. Wagner and others are working on having this planned for staff.

New Co Chair for 2013-2014

  • Various Site Based Members were asked, they will think about it and it will be announced at August Meeting.

Other Items

Open House:

  • August 27 starting at 5:30 p.m.
  • Concerns about not enough time for 6th graders and parents before switching.
  • 6th grade Double Team will discuss concerns and contact Open House Committee: Kim, Kelly, Troy, and Marcia.
  • Suggestion to have 7th and 8th graders of incoming 6th grade families help out.
  • Congestion in foyer was a problem, better signage and more staff to hand out 7th and 8th grade schedules suggested.
  • Also having the first group of 6th graders that meet in Auditorium use the Auditorium doors might help too.


  • Request for Orientation to have Parent Information on how the low lunch account is handled. Check on what the automated call policy is for middle school.

Data Date – June 17


Site-Based Meeting Minutes - March 2013

Open Forum - none

Review Minutes - approved

Student Council Report

Valentine's day dance - $300
Charity of the month - Sheboygan Falls Food Pantry
Sold concessions for Family Fun Night
Spirit Day on March 22 was Clash Day
Planning teacher appreciation meal


Universal team met at Maywood.  
Developed our own Behavior Matrix for the Classroom, mirrors the all school behavior matrix.
March 12 - Cool Tool to go through the classroom matrix.
92 % of students had no referrals
Charger cards used to reward positive behaviors in the classroom

Family Fun Night

Concert earned $500
Balloons were distracting and posed an allergy problem
Activities were busy - families were happy overall.  However, there were two additional elementary schools with activities the same night
Friday, February 21, 2014 for Family Fun Night

Walking School Bus

Small turn out, next activity was planned for April, but was postponed and will try at the beginning of the2013-14 school year;  it is a 6 week trial; our location is not conducive to walking, but we will try for next year in the beginning of the school year; have information in registration packets. Staff a table at Open House about the Walking School Bus.

Spring Fundraiser will be with Caan's

Same prices
Thursday, May 9 - pick up until 5:30 p.m.
Selling dates: April 12- 24, copy of an order form in April's In Touch and an order form sent home with third quarter report cards
April 25 - flower orders due

Other Items:
Schedules - Draft - increase student/teacher time together; advisory time between students and teachers ; more uniformity among three middle schools
No allied arts offerings cut, but time decreased
Allied arts teachers would be able to work with intervention groups
425 minutes for reading and 300 minutes for math. Minutes are identical across all three middle schools


Went well, good participation

Cyber bullying police liaison officer spoke about cyber bullying at an elementary school; will discuss with our new liaison officer to have this taught at Horace Mann

May's Agenda -May 7 - Skipping April Meeting

*Bring new members for 2013-14

Open Forum
Introduce new members
Review minutes
Student Council report
Spring Fundraiser
Walking School Bus
2013-14 Schedule
New co-chair for2013-2014 year
Set August Meeting Date


Site Based Meeting Minutes - February 5, 2013

Open Forum
Paul Brunner stated concerns on concert ticket sales. The word needs to get out.  Suggestions were to promote on morning announcements, advertise in The Sun and Sheboygan Press, posters on business bulletin boards, and teachers promoting the Concert in their classroom.

Review January Minutes

Student Council Report
Spirit days in January were Pajama Day and Jersey/Super Bowl Day.

Also a thank you was received from Deland for the donated books.

A Charity of the Month was picked. $50 was given to Habitat for Humanity and William was given a movie pass for submitting the organization.

In February there will be a Valentine Dance and the Student Council will be having a concession food sale in the cafeteria along with a bake sale during Family Fun Night.

In March we will have a Dr. Suess Spirit Day.

Parent Teacher Conference
The suggested dates of October 10 & 15, 2013 and March 6 & 11, 2014 were approved.

Data shows improvements since referrals are going down from October to the end of January. 

40 assets is being implemented with the Cool Tools. February is Achievement Motivation and the assets for March , April, and May will be picked by the Teams. 

February 20 there will be a Universal Team Training to work on Classroom Matrix. The Kickoff presented a video, introduced the addition of a PBIS store to cash in Charger cards for items in addition to the weekly drawings and a change from 5 minors to 3 minors for a major.

Mission Improva, a comedy act, was the Second quarter reward for the whole school. Each grade is setting up the monthly rewards. Also there will be Parent Information card/candy give away for Parents on Thursday, February 14 when parents drop off their students in the morning and on Family Fun Night a table will be set up to hand out Parent PBIS information.  There will be an automated phone call home to let parents know about PBIS.

Family Fun Night
Friday, February15, 2013 from 6:00-8:00 p.m. activities and concert from 7:30-8:30 p.m. (Need to promote selling concert tickets). Proceeds from concert will go to Horace Mann families in need.

Walking School Bus
Wednesday, February 6 at 7:15 a.m. students can meet at 24th and Georgia or 20th and Broadway to walk together. Mr. Wagner and Mrs. Ritchie will meet them.

Dual Language
8th graders will be going into a high school program next year.
At Horace Mann each grade has two classes in Spanish: one class is Social Studies or Science and the other class is Language Arts with Health weaved in. The classes are during an academic time and Allied Art time.

Sheridan school is now all dual language.

Other Items

March 12 Agenda
Open Forum
Review Minutes
Student Council Report
PBIS/40 Assets
Family Fun Night
Walking School Bus
Spring Fundraiser
Other Items


Site Based Minutes - January 8, 2013

1.   Open Forum - none

2.   Review Minutes - approved  

3.   Student Council -  no report from president, $900 shopped for families, duct tape day - around $200 fundraiser, parents would like to be informed about activities ahead of time - website Facebook, holiday dance was small turn out, a lot of fun

4.   Parent/teacher conferences - principal meeting was cancelled so update in Feb.

5.   PBIS - 77 referrals in December,  averaging one referral per day in Jan.; most of student body doing well;  Troy gives tips for staff, most incidents take place in classroom, most happen between 12 and 2, 26 students made up the referrals for Dec., staff planned monthly goals and rewards (if you know a hypnotist let us know since this is one of the all school rewards we would like to have); 80 percent is goal for monthly reward, 87 percent haven't had a referral
Jan. 28 PBIS booster - charger cards more valuable (everyone can buy something and still have drawings); change in minors/majors -3 minors become a major

6.   Family Fun Night - "Sports Mania" theme 6 p.m. - 8 p.m. Activities will run
6th grade - bowling
7-1 - tattoo parlor
7-2 - games
8 - wii games with 2 smart boards
Student council will sell food
Allied arts - paint hand prints on ceiling tiles; gym activity - volleyball
Specialists - computer apps
Special Ed - dessert walk
Root beer floats
2 locations for selling tickets
Concert at the end - 7:30 p.m. - ? (Concert is expected to last around an hour), concert ticket prices: $2 single, $5 family
T-shirts for sale - inexpensive, made in advance, glow sticks for sale before concert
Vicki will take care of PR (article)
Question: Is staff expected to stay for the concert?

40 assets - Eric Wagner - positive youth advancement- use PBIS with 40 assets to support it, outreach as more of a support, parent website, do one activity per month, Eric will continue to send assets and will facilitate as needed, take it back to grade level teams and pick top 4 (pick in double team),
Jan. 29 asset activity in focus class

Other items – Walking School Bus survey - data overall positive, Feb. 26 - winter walk day, try six week walking in spring, Emily will implement it for spring

WKCE - materials were used for practice (2009 materials were the exact test) - math had to be voided for those students who used the unauthorized practice test, DPI is working with SASD since we were forth coming.

Agenda for February 5 meeting

Open Forum
Review minutes
Student Council
P/T conference dates
PBIS 40 assets
Family fun night
Walking school bus
Dual language
Other items
Review operating principles and set agenda


Site Based Management Minutes 12/4/12

Open Forum

  • No items
  • Staff and parents are welcome to express concerns or information

Review Minutes

  • November 6, 2012 minutes were approved

Student Council Report

  • December 14 will be Duct Tape Day
  • December 18 will be the Holiday Dance
  • Collected 1,112 books that were given to places like Deland House, Bridgeway House, etc. Also a Brownies and Ice Cream Reward was earned by the winning Focus Classes.
  • Candy Cane sale started today and 180 candy canes were sold

Fundraiser Report

  • $9,700 Profit
  • 6th grade was the top selling grade

Parent/Teacher Conferences for 2013-2014 school year

  • Recommended moving the Oct. 10 & 15, 2013 to Oct. 17 & 22 or Oct. 15 & 17.
  • Hard for parents to have high school and middle school conferences on the same night.
  • March 6 & 11, 2014 dates were fine.


  • Presentation of data
  • 3 top problem behaviors were Disrespect, Harassment, and Disruptions.
  • Areas of concern were Classroom (however 2nd year of PBIS will be focused on classroom, just waiting for PBIS training), Hall and Bus.
  • Time of day were lunchtime, 2:00 P.M.(common time for all grades before Focus) and after school.
  • 72 students with referrals
  • Over 80% of students demonstrate positive behavior
  • January will be a Kickoff presentation and students will be informed that 3 minors will turn into a major and Charger Cards can also be used to buy tangible and intangible items.

Homework Hotline

  • In the future all Homework will be posted on Edmodo.
  • The next 1 ½ years it could be posted on Homework Hotline, Calendars, and Standard Score.
  • Still some question on consistency for parents, so Mrs. Ritchie will inquire with teachers.

Family Fun Night

  • The Theme for Family Fun Night on Friday, February 15 will be “Sports Mania”.
  • Teams will decide on their activity and representatives will report back in January.

Walking School Bus

  • 70% of parent responses from survey would want their student to participate.
  • Decision was made to have students surveyed.

January 8 Agenda

  • Open Forum
  • Review Minutes
  • Student Council Report
  • Parent/Teacher Conferences
  • PBIS
  • Family Fun Night
  • 40 Assets
  • Other Items


Site Based Management Minutes 11/6/12

Open Forum

  • No items

Review Minutes

  • October 2, 2012 minutes approved

Student Council Report

  • Halloween dance brought in $400, 50 books, and items given to Horace Mann and the Salvation Army
  • Book drive offering the Top Focus class a pizza party
  • Highway cleanup was on November 3
  • Duct tape date is being planned

Parent Teacher Conferences

  • Great attendance at all grade levels


  • Oct. 22 Parent Kickoff,  Carla Vorpahl facilitated
  • 20 parents, low turnout, parent attendance is a growing problem within the district
  • considering having a PBIS web page for Horace Mann
  • January kickoff is being planned

Homework Hotline

  • Will discuss at next meeting
  • Need to find out how grade levels and teams are posting homework
  • Look at where to post homework to make it consistent for parents

Other Items
            Fundraiser:  more money than last year, pick up went well.
            Non-motorized survey:  of 52 students surveyed 26 responded

New Business

Family Fun Night: 

  • Discuss theme ideas for this year with teams, last year was Rock-N-Roll
  • Benefit money will be donated to Horace Mann Families in Need, possible Battle of the Bands, considering a T-shirt sale

Sneak a Peek:  Next week November 14 to 16

Next Agenda for Tuesday, December 4

Open Forum
Review Minutes
Student Council Report
Family Fun Night
Homework Hotline
Other Items