Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Builders/Service Club

Community service is the purpose of this club. Students meet once a week after school. They design holiday projects for Sunny Ridge Nursing Home residents, complete a staff appreciation project, collect clothes for the Kiwanis' Clothing Distribution Drive, ring bells at Christmas for the Salvation Army, and participate in fundraisers such as the MS Walk. If your child enjoys crafts, hanging out with friends after school, and being involved, this club is for them. Caring about others in their community and donating a little of their time is all they need to do to join the Builders Club.

Building Hours

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday - 7:40-2:45 p.m.
Wednesday - 7:40-1:55 p.m.

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday - 7:30-4:30 p.m.
Wednesday - 7:30-4:00 p.m.

Every student must be in his or her first hour class by 7:40 a.m. Our doors open at 7:30 a.m. Most of our students arrive between 7:30 and 7:37 a.m. Early arrivals may go to the gym lobby at 7:15 a.m.
During the school year the building closes at 4:30 p.m. We ask that all students leave the building or be picked up by 4:15 p.m. The building is normally closed on weekends.


If your child wants to go to a friend's house after school on the bus and rides a different bus, both students need to be Prigge's riders, for insurance reasons. Your child should bring a note to the office in the morning on the day they will be riding together. The principal or assistant principal will sign a note giving permission for your child to ride their friend's bus. Your child will pick up the note after school and show it to the bus driver.

Each token may be purchased for $1.00 at school. They are sold at Piggly Wiggly stores or at the office at 608 S. Commerce Street. If you purchase tokens on the bus, you must buy a packet of 10 for $11.00. You cannot buy single tokens from the bus driver!

You can obtain a city bus schedule on any city bus, at the Sheboygan Transit office at 608 S. Commerce, and at most Piggly Wiggly stores.

Clubs/Activities(Click here to view Co-curricular Activities)

Charger Mart, the school store, opens in November from 7:20-7:35 a.m. on Mondays-Thursdays. Seventh grade PACE students sell school supplies and snacks in order to raise money for a charity. Students are involved in scheduling, advertising, and purchasing for the store. The advisors are Mr. Renzelmann and Mrs. Renzelmann.

All extra-curricular activities are posted in the Daily Announcements telling students where to go to sign up. Click on this link to view the extra-curricular activities available at Horace Mann.


Each teacher has a discipline plan for students. One aspect of their plan is to send a "Student Discipline Referral" to the office. The referral is not a penalty, but a record of misbehavior with the teacher. The consequences are written on the referral and discussed at a student conference. A copy of the complete referral is sent to the parents, teacher, guidance counselor, and the administrators. It is a form of communication and interaction for all concerned parties.

Offense Consequence
Abuse of Computer Privileges Loss of privileges, possible detention, ISS (In-School Suspension) or OSS (Out of School Suspension)
Fighting ISS or OSS, and a police referral
Theft Suspension, police referral and restitution
Vandalism Suspension, police referral and restitution
Ordinance (rules) Violations Generally ISS and police referral
Sexual Harassment Generally ISS and police referral
Flagrant Disrespect to Staff OSS, police referral, and possible expulsion
Drugs/Alcohol/Tobacco/Weapons OSS, police referral, and possible expulsion

Dress Code

Although some students may feel pressure from the media to dress a certain way, Horace Mann staff feels that values and education are the priority. This is why clothing likely to disrupt the educational process is not allowed. Clothing which is intimidating to other students, encourages illegal or disruptive acts, is not in good taste, or jeopardizes the safety of self or others is prohibited. (An example is clothing that represents gang membership.) All decisions are at the discretion of the administration.

Clothing which exposes the midriff and/or bellybutton is not to be worn. Spaghetti strap, lower-cut or sheer tops are not to be worn.

T-shirts with alcohol, smoking, or other inappropriate logos will not be allowed. Students will be asked to remove the shirt, turn it inside out, or be given a Horace Mann t-shirt to wear which must be returned.

Dropping Off/Picking Up Students

In the mornings you should drop your child off in front of school off of Union Avenue. After school (at 2:45 p.m.) you can pick your child up in the theater parking lot. There should be no cars in the circles at the front or back of the building. The first row of parking in the theater parking area and traffic lane will be blocked by cones so the students may cross safely to their parents waiting for pick-up. Please obey all traffic signs and do not drop students off in traffic lanes. The 3:00-4:15 p.m. pick-up will be off of Georgia Avenue on the playground. NO PICK-UPS IN THE FRONT OF THE BUILDING BETWEEN 3:00-4:15 p.m.

Students should NOT come to school before 7:00 a.m. when the front foyer doors will open.

School begins at 7:40 a.m. Your child is expected to be in class before the bell rings. If he or she arrives to school after 7:40 a.m. or is returning from a scheduled appointment, they must report to the office for a tardy pass.

If they are tardy three times for any class period, without a reasonable excuse, they will be expected to make up time after school with a classroom teacher.

When they are absent from school, their parent/guardian must call the office to report the absence prior to 8:00 a.m.

If they need to leave the building during the school day, they should bring a note from their parent/guardian to the office before school starts. They will be given a pass for the time they need to leave. The pass is given to their teacher when it is time for their departure. Before leaving the building, they will need to stop back in the office for a permit to leave the building and check out. When they return to school they must check back in at the office window.

If they become ill during the school day, they will be sent to the office. They will need to call a parent and the office staff will verify their illness with their parent/guardian.

Fear of Getting Lost

If you are having a hard time finding your classroom, feel free to stop in the library and ask Ms. Mukavitz, Mrs. Anderson, or Mrs. Schilling for directions. You can also go to the main office and the secretaries will be happy to direct you to your classroom, or if you are in the hallway and see a teacher, you can also ask him or her for directions. Don't be afraid to ask for help.


If your child has been absent from school it is their responsibility to call the Homework Hotline (208-4587) or check the Horace Mann website at (click on On-line Homework) for all their assignments. They may have their parents request homework when they call in their absence. The teachers will only provide work they have not stated on the Hotline such as worksheets handed out in class. It is also the students' responsibility to make arrangements with their teachers to make up missed work, tests, and quizzes. A student who is absent from school without an acceptable excuse will be referred to the Department of Human Services as a habitual truant and may receive a citation or be taken to the TACS Center:

a) Part or all of five or more days out of any ten consecutive days or
b) Part or all of ten days during a semester

If your child is struggling at home and you can't help him or her with their school work, there are resources at school they can utilize. You can let your child's teachers know or their guidance counselor and they will find help for him or her. There are many opportunities at Horace Mann for your child to receive extra help with their school work.

Internet Policies

A parent/guardian permission letter must be signed by both the parent/guardian AND the student and should be returned to the student's building before a student may use the Internet or other on-line services. District rules for use of these services will be printed on the back of that letter in a manner appropriate to the grade level of the student. Students who sign this letter thereby agree that they have been informed of and agree to abide by the rules of the Sheboygan Area School District, some of which are punishable by law. Violations of the rules may result in revocation of use of Internet/On-line privileges or other school disciplinary action and/or police referral if laws are violated.

Resource/Security Officers (View Resource/Security Officer's Page)

Mr. Edson, a Sheboygan Police Officer, and Mr. Vander Wyst, a retired Sheboygan Police Officer, are assigned to serve Horace Mann and Farnsworth during the school year. Their primary purpose is to interact with students, seeking to expand students' understanding of police work, improve communication with young people, and provide a handy resource for questions dealing with the law. The police resource and security officers counsel students individually and in small groups. They also work with staff on special presentations to students.

Library (View Library Page)

We encourage all members of the Horace Mann community to use the many resources we have available while following these few rules:
•Respect others and their property.
•Use a low volume when speaking.
•Don't bring food, beverages, candy or gum into the library.
•Keep backpacks and jackets in their locker.

All students using the library without a teacher must sign in.

Lunch (View the Lunch Menu)

1. Students all eat lunch at school in the cafeteria. They may bring a bag lunch or purchase a hot lunch.

2. See the link above for lunch costs.

3. An electronic system is used for recording lunch. They will simply type their student identification number into a computer keyboard. We will have student identification numbers available at the lunch line for students if they don't remember their number.

4. Students are required to have money in their account. Money can be deposited at the office before/after school or at the start of their lunch period. If the balance is under the cost of three lunches, they will be notified to add money to their account. If there is no money in the account, no lunches may be purchased.

5. Our juice machines are available to the students any time during the day. The Student Council's soda and snack machines are not available to them until after school.

6. Information regarding free or reduced hot lunches can be obtained in the office. This assistance is based on need. Parents must complete a form every year.

7. The team teachers supervise the lunch period for their grade level. Outdoor playground games are available when weather permits. Students are expected to be in a supervised area. They may not roam the halls or go to their locker. Students who go outside should bring their jackets to lunch.

8. We expect that students will clean up their table after they are done eating. Those who abuse their lunch period privileges will be disciplined, primarily by spending their lunch period in an isolated area. Some teams also use this lunch detention as a consequence for failing to turn in assignments.

Medication/Health Policy

If your child takes medication at school, the Board of Education Policy 5141.2(a) states that school personnel will not administer medication unless written parental consent is given and the Physician Order for Medication Administration is on file with the school office. Parents are asked to call the school concerning details of the policy. All approved medications must be stored in the school office. Medication of any kind should not be stored in student lockers. Medications must be kept in the original bottle. We cannot accept medication in plastic bags.

Your child should not have prescribed medication in school unless authorized by the office. If your child were found with other drugs, the situation would be investigated thoroughly. If there is legitimate reason to have the prescribed medication, parents would be contacted and school-board policy followed. If there is no legitimate reason or the drugs are illegal, the student could be suspended from school, referred to the Police Liaison Officer and possibly expelled.

All Horace Mann staff are constantly on the lookout for drugs and/or drug activity. We also ask students to help ensure a drug-free environment by reporting any drug activity they witness. Another preventative measure we take is the use of a drug dog to search the building twice during the school year. If we find drugs in our school, we use school-board policy to investigate the situation thoroughly and hold those responsible accountable.

In cases where immediate medical attention is required, we will take the following steps:
•Appropriate first aid will be administered by one of our trained staff members.
•We will call the parents or persons on the "emergency list" to advise them of the situation and seek their recommendations.
•We will call for ambulance service to an appropriate medical facility.
•A student Illness/Injury Communication will be complete and a copy will be sent home with the student.
•Please make sure all emergency phone numbers are submitted during registration.

Head lice spreads through direct contact or through the sharing of personal items, such as hats or hair brushes. Head lice may be contracted any place where children interact.

To assist all students and their families when there is an incident of head lice, our district has adopted a policy to manage this problem. Under this policy, a child who is found to have head lice will be sent home for treatment with a head lice-killing product. Once the child has been treated, he or she can return to school provided a hair inspection by designated school personnel reveals no live lice. Students who had lice will have a secondary hair inspection within one week from the initial identification of head lice.

The child should have all nits (louse eggs) removed as soon as possible but no later than seven days after the initial treatment. If the student has nits at the seven-day inspection, he or she will be sent home until all nits are removed. Most lice-killing products recommend a second treatment seven days after the initial treatment. Having all nits removed in combination with a second treatment should guard against re-infestation. The control of head lice requires a team effort between families and schools. Early identification of lice and prompt treatment can successfully prevent the spread of head lice to others. Your immediate attention and cooperation is appreciated.


A Middle School Mixer is a dance held in the Horace Mann gym where Horace Mann, Urban and Farnsworth students are invited to attend. The dance is held from 6:30-8:30 p.m. There are usually two mixers during a school year, sometimes more.

Physical Education/Health (View the Phy. Ed. Page)

Students are expected to change into their phys. ed. shirt and shorts or sweatpants for physical education class. Uniform tops can be purchased at: Leave Me In Stitches (458-2501) 1622 Indiana Avenue, Creative Screen Printing (452-8998)1108 S. 10th Street or Not Just Soccer (803-1580) 1226 N. Eighth Street. Shorts or sweatpants should be worn. Students cannot participate in their school attire. Jean shorts are not allowed. Showers and towels are always available. Using the shower facilities is always optional but recommended occasionally.

Horace Mann has a supervised state-of-the art fitness center for our students. It is used during phy. ed. classes and is open after school as well as between the hours of 3:00 and 4:00 p.m. It is closed on Wednesdays. The center includes 16 cardiovascular machines, 4 upper body machines, and 4 lower body strength stations. In addition, Dance Dance Revolution and racing video games powered by fitness bikes offer unique workouts. All students using the fitness center must be trained by the phys. ed staff before using the equipment.

The Sheboygan Area School District offers a Human Growth and Development curriculum within health classes in grades seven and eight and in science classes in grades six and eight. The purpose of this curriculum is to encourage students to develop a healthy lifestyle and to learn more about themselves and the environment in which they live. This unit may include:
•Puberty/Adolescent Changes
•Male/Female Reproductive Systems
•Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD's HIV/AIDS)
•Decision Making/Abstinence/Saying No
•Fertilization/Growth of a Baby/Birth
•Sexual Abuse
Parents may preview the materials by calling school and making the request.


All students are to have their student planners with them at all times while passing.

Students may only use the student planner because it is also used as their hall pass. The cost to replace a lost planner is $3.50 and may be purchased in the main office.


After students finish eating their lunch, teachers take them outside for about 10 minutes of recess. Students may play kickball, basketball, Four Square, Tetherball, and just get some fresh air.

School Safety

It is the policy of Horace Mann and The Sheboygan Area School District to provide our students and staff with a safe environment. In the event of a Bomb Threat, we will follow School Board Policy and deteremine if the threat is low level, medium level, or high level. We will then take the appropriate action to keep everyone safe.

School Closings/Delays

Click on the link to view the school closings or delays, then choose the county you would like to view.


Sneak-a-Peek is a chance for parents/guardians to come to school and visit their child's classrooms throughout the day. They can even eat lunch with them. This is a three day-long event that is held twice a year, one week in the fall and one in the spring. Watch for the school newsletter (In-Touch) for more information.

Staying After School

Sometimes students are expected to stay after school to complete make-up work or to serve time for disciplinary reasons. Generally, students are given one day to make arrangements and notify their parents. We also have an after-school detention for students who are truant, tardy, suspended, or assigned by the office. This runs from 2:50-4:05 p.m.

Our cafeteria is open from 3:00-4:05 p.m. each day, except Wednesdays, for students who are waiting for the late busses or rides. A teacher supervises the area. Students may socialize, purchase juice, soda or snacks, or do homework. Students who are disruptive, noncompliant, or violate school rules may have their privileges revoked at the direction of the administration.

If you are picking up your child after school, he or she CANNOT wait outside for you. Students must be supervised at all times by a teacher. They will be in the detention room or the After-School Center. You must come into the school office to pick up your child.

Students in every public school in our district are dismissed early each Wednesday (1:55 p.m.). The time lost has been added to the other four days in the week. The purpose is to have the entire teaching staff available for district committee work, departmental meetings, faculty meetings, and building in-services. There are no after-school activities on Wednesdays.

Valuables at School

•School is not the place for lots of money or valuables. These items should be left at home or brought to the office for safekeeping. Horace Mann is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

•Students are not to stand, play, or loiter in the area where bikes are parked. This will help prevent bikes from being damaged.

•The use of in-line skates or skateboards on campus during the school day is not allowed. Students who ride them to school must keep them in their lockers.

•Cell phones are allowed in school. You will need to get a form from the office to fill out allowing your child to have a cell phone at school. They are not to be used during the school day without written permission from the principal. Cell phones are to be in your child's locker and turned off between 7:30 a.m. - 2:45 p.m.

•CD players are not to be used in the school building. It is preferable that CD players be left at home.

Visiting Our School

If you are planning on coming to Horace Mann for a meeting or a scheduled visit with a teacher, you should come to the office, sign in and take a visitor's pass. Tell the secretaries why you are there and they will help you with anything you might need. Only our front doors will be open during the day to ensure the safety of our students and staff.