Listed below are resources your collaborative grade level or department may find useful when establishing the essential learnings...

Information about Essential Learn

SASD Driving Force PowerPoint
Essential Learnings PowerPoint
Essential Learnings Articles for Understanding
Smart Goal Standard of Excellence
Elementary Specialist PowerPoint

Evaluating Essential Learnings

Essential Learnings Rubric
Separating Essential from the Peripheral

Clarifying Essential Learning Questions
21st Century Skills Chart

Sample Templates for Essential Learnings

Identifying Key Essential Learnings A    PDF     Word 
Identifying Key Essential Learnings B    PDF     Word 
Essential Math        PDF      Word 
Essential Reading    PDF      Word 
Essential Writing     PDF      Word
SmartGoal              PDF      Word 
Specialist Team Meeting Report Form    PDF     Word


Common Core Standards
21st Century Skills for Students - Student Outcomes
SASD Standards/Benchmarks
Secondary Resources can be found in email - Public Folders - District Vision - Student Achievement

Curriculum Resources

Grade Level Brochures
STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) Resources
21st Century Primer
Framework for 21st Century Powerpoint

Language Arts

SASD Reading Philosophy
Reading Guidelines for Running Records Elem Rigby/DRA/MAP RIT Bands
SASD Literacy/Writing Arts Framework (EC-12)
Scope and Sequence Chart - Elementary Reading  
      Grades:     K     1     2     3     4     5   
SASD EZ Planners - Reading/Language Arts (EC-10)
Average Lexile Growth Ranges
Reading Guidelines - MAP RIT Bands Grades 2 - 10
Language Guidelines - MAP RIT Bands Grades 2 - 10

Elementary Reading/Language Arts Folder 

      Reading Cards:     K      1     2     3      4      5


Essential Learnings - Math Resources
Wisconsin Guiding Principals for Math
Wisconsin Guidance Doc of Common Core Standards for Math
Common Core State Standards Chart for Math by Grade Level - New
      Grades:        1     2     3     4     5