Top of the Line Program

Jackson's Top of the Line is based on a program developed by nationally recognized behavior management expert Corwin Kronenberg.

The goal of our “Top of the Line” program is for students to learn the difference between appropriate and inappropriate behaviors, and create a safe and caring environment.

In our “Top of the Line” program, behavior is divided into three groups: above, below and bottom of the line. Students are expected to exhibit above the line behavior. If a student makes a bad behavior choice and falls below the line, the student will be expected to assume responsibility for the behavior. Students whose behavior falls below the line are given a choice to “fix it” or accept a consequence for going below the line. If the child selects the fix it option, they will be expected to develop a plan for fixing the problem. When a child chooses a consequence, one will be worked out with the child and adult in charge.

We do not have a standard set of consequences for every below the line behavior. A consequence will be generated specifically for the incident, with the following guidelines: Must be related to the incident, must be delivered respectfully, must be reasonable.

Bottom line behaviors are completely unacceptable at school. A bottom line behavior is a violation of state law, district policy or totally unacceptable behavior. Bottom line behaviors require the involvement of the principal. A Jackson Elementary School Notification Slip (ticket) will be sent home for these infractions. Depending on the incident, parental involvement or legal authorities may be utilized.

Above the Line
Respectful, responsible, polite, safe, cooperative, and a good worker

Below the Line
Swearing, teasing, budging in line, hitting, uncooperative, wasting time

Bottom Line
Weapons, vandalism, racial harassment, assault, use of drugs, sexual harassment