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Special Visit Gives Jackson Kindergarteners Insight on Dental Hygiene

One of the city's newer dentists, Dr. Jerry Cooper, visited all three kindergarten classes at Jackson Elementary to share the importance of proper dental hygiene.

Students learned how "sugar bugs" can make cavities and how important it is to brush every day. Cooper showed x-rays of healthy and unhealthy teeth and taught the youngsters how to brush each section of their teeth thoroughly. All of the tools necessary to motivate young brushers were sent home with them including red tablets that show where the plaque is, a mouth mirror, a SpongeBob toothbrush and their very own toothpaste.

Cooper also spoke about the importance of protecting teeth, eating healthy and getting plenty of rest. All of the students raised their hands when asked if they rode a bike or scooter or played sports.

For information on dental health contact Dr. Jerry Cooper at his office 920-452-1110. He is accepting new patients of all ages.

Sheboygan Area School District Press Release
April 24, 2009