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Jackson and A2 Collect Trash for Cash

Jackson Elementary School and the A2 Charter School are stepping up their efforts to turn 'trash' into cash for their playground, and are asking the community for help

The two schools are currently running five collection programs. Each program runs year-round and works by saving specific parts of packaging that the schools can then redeem for cash. Individuals and businesses are asked to help save, collect, and return these items to Jackson Elementary and A2 Charter School.

Here's how each program works:

Box Tops for Education are the pink coupons found on many Betty Crocker, Pillsbury, Ziploc, Saran, and Scott products. The school receives 10¢ for each coupon redeemed. Individuals can also register with the Box Tops for Education website and take advantage of online coupons for these products. Online shoppers can start at the Box Tops Marketplace and a percentage of each online purchase is credited to Jackson School as well.

Specially labeled caps from Kemps Nickels for Schools or Kids, Caps, and Cash from Morning Glory and Golden Guernsey milk are each worth 5¢. Quik Trip's Milk Moola program also pays 5¢ for any specially labeled bag top, milk cap, or beverage cap

Tyson's Project A+ for Schools pays 24¢ for each red bag top or box end panel with the A+ logo on it. (It must be the full top or end panel, not just the A+ logo).

Printer, FAX, and copier cartridges are being collected and recycled to support the computer lab in the schools.

The schools are also collecting the UPC's from Campbell's products. With these UPC's the schools are able to select instructional items from the Campbell's Catalog. The program requires the UPC, or in some cases the plastic cap, from the products.

Any individual or business that is able to participate is encouraged to call the Jackson/A2 office at 459-3573 for more information or to schedule a 'trash' pick-up. An information flyer with all the details is also available on the Jackson School website.

Sheboygan Area School District Press Release
October 25, 2009