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Jefferson Kindergartners Visit the Little Farmer
Jefferson kindergarten students took a trip to The Little Farmer to learn about apples, honeybees, ladybugs, pumpkins, corn and more! The 57 kindergarten students saw fall colors first hand and talked about the changing seasons. They marched through the students were lost for a while; others made it through the maze in record time, not once, but twice. After the maze experience, students learned how apples grow with sunlight, water and air and how leaves use photosynthesis to make food for growing apples. Did you know it takes 50 leaves to make one Spartan apple?

Students learned how to pick an apple from the tree without hurting the buds or branches; all students picked their own apple to enjoy. Students also saw how apples are processed in the apple house including washing and sizing the apples and learned about the life cycle of a eggs are laid on leaves, how the eggs hatch into larva, how the larva change into pupa and then finally the pupa changes to an adult ladybug

The classes saw honeybees and learned about how they "talk" with their wings, how they transfer pollen to apple trees, and how they turn nectar into honey. They even looked inside a beehive and tried to find the queen bee among all her workers!

The visit to the Little Farmer ended with a real hayride through the woods where they all picked a pumpkin to bring home.

Sheboygan Area School District Press Release
October 28, 2009