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Jefferson Students Study Native American Culture at Museum
Jefferson Elementary School students went on a field trip to the Sheboygan County Museum where they learned about Native American culture, including The Woodland Indian Area, Interaction with Europeans, Gifts from Mother Earth and Lifestyle Changes.

There were numerous hands-on history activities in which the students participated.  They were given the opportunity to explore how to grind corn by using rocks, how to make a “corn husk” doll, how to lash sticks together to build ladder-like construction, how to bind a projectile point to a shaft using sinew, and how to weave a basket from natural materials.   The students also participated in craft-making activities, such as making a beaded bracelet and making an ankle “jingle” belt.  In addition, they learned how to decode messages written with Native American symbol language, how cradleboards were used for young children, and how fire was made with a “fire drill”.

The day ended with a mini-powwow and further discussion about sacred and significant symbols of the Native Americans. The students were able to take home some of the crafts they made.  It was a worth-while trip back in time for the students.

Jefferson students lash sticks together to make a ladder.
Sheboygan Area School District Press Release
March 8, 2012