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Jefferson Students Learn at Spaceport Sheboygan
Jefferson Elementary School fifth grade students recently took a field trip to Spaceport Sheboygan.  Students learned how astronauts live on the International Space Station, from eating in space to meeting daily care needs.  

Students made mock protective gear for an astronaut by using things like bubble wrap, construction paper and duct tape.  They wrapped a potato in this protective wear to simulate what is worn in space.  Once the potato was wrapped a giant nail was plunged into the potato from a ten foot PVC pipe to simulate an object striking a real space suit in space.  Of eight groups, two of our potatoes survived the trauma.

It was a great hands-on learning experience and all students had a great time.  We are very fortunate to have this program right here at home.

Sheboygan Area School District Press Release
April 16, 2013