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Jefferson Students Experience 'Survive Alive' Program
Jefferson Elementary School 4th grade students recently participated in the Sheboygan Fire Department’s Survive Alive Program.  The Survive Alive House, a full size simulated house on wheels, was set up outside of the school.  The 4th grade students first reviewed lessons related to smoke detectors, escape plans, household hazards, and dialing 911.  The students then entered the Survive Alive House in small groups.  Using theatrical smoke, the students were introduced to rapid escape and decision making in a hazardous situation.   A simulated 911 telephone call was also placed by each student to learn how to interact with an emergency dispatcher.  At the end of the program the firefighters gave the students a variety of activity handouts and a reflective bag suitable for trick or treating.
Sheboygan Area School District Press Release
October 22, 2013