Current Job Openings

Department of Human Resources
830 Virginia Avenue
Sheboygan, WI 53081
August 27, 2014


The following vacancy exists in the Sheboygan Area School District. All interested persons shall make written application to the Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources by 4:00 p.m. on September 10, 2014. The Sheboygan Area School District does not discriminate on the basis of age, handicap, marital or parental status, national origin, pregnancy, race, religion, sex or sexual orientation.

Applications will be accepted only through the Wisconsin Education Career Access Network (WECAN). Go to: to view the vacancy and to submit your application materials.

                                                            PAYROLL SECRETARY
                                            BUSINESS AND OPERATIONAL SERVICES

1. High School Diploma or equivalent.
2. Two-year degree related to business/accounting desired.
3. Experience in and knowledge of accounting practices and procedures desired.
4. Experience in and knowledge of payroll practices, procedures, and regulations. Prefer candidate to have public school experience.
5. Understanding of and ability to use various computer applications.
6. Ability to organize and prioritize tasks in a manner to ensure that deadlines are met.
7. Possess excellent communication and customer service skills.
8. Pleasant personality in dealing with staff and the public.
9. Must have extensive knowledge of and be able to utilize computers. Must have extensive knowledge of Microsoft Office, Outlook programs, and able to learn new software. Previous experience using Skyward school financial software desired.
10. Effective language and communication skills required.
11. Demonstration of being reliable and dependable based on attendance.
12. Must be able to be self-motivated and willing to handle tasks as they present themselves.

This position will involve 8.0 hours per day, 12 months per year. The starting rate for this position is $13.85 per hour.

Prepare payroll and payroll reports. Receive, review, process, and file all payroll time records according to district policy and procedures. Maintain current and accurate records for sick, personal, and vacation leave. Process all required reports for new employees. Complete all required employment verifications for state and federal agencies. Maintain employee and source documentation files. Assist in reconciling payroll to bank statement as needed. Balance payroll deductions. Maintain proper supporting documentation for all payroll deductions. Prepare and submit all payroll and employee benefits reports and payment in a timely manner. Prepare and submit all payments and reports to the Wisconsin Retirement System. Calculate taxable life insurance benefit. Complete and send all payroll related mailings and notices. Initiate ACH withdrawals for early retiree and COBRA insurance payments. Communicate with the human resources department and district staff to ensure accuracy of payroll information received and to resolve payroll issues and inquiries. Prepare tax forms related to payroll. Keep informed of and comply with all federal, state, and district laws, regulations, and policies that pertain to payroll and benefits. Maintain subsidiary documentation to support all insurance liability balance sheet accounts on the general ledger of the payroll fund. Assist employees with the completion of payroll-related forms. Assist in coordination of district benefit programs such as group health insurance, dental, life, flexible spending, and other voluntary programs. Handle employee benefits inquiries and complaints to ensure quick, equitable, and courteous resolution. Assist in conducting benefit orientation meetings and enrollment for employee benefit plans. Coordinate open enrollment process. Maintain professional behavior, appearance, and work ethic to represent the school district in a positive matter at all times. Other duties as assigned by administrators/supervisor.