Alumni Success Stories

"I can't think of a better way to start an education than at Lincoln-Erdman. Throughout my early years of school, I had the best teachers. They gave me the guidance and encouragement to find myself and grow into the person I am today. My fifth grade teacher developed a unit on Australia after she had traveled there. She inspired me so much that now I am traveling to not only Australia but New Zealand with a study abroad group. The teachers at Lincoln-Erdman truly care about the children they teach."

-Brittany Strauss

"I can't think of a better place to begin an education than at Lincoln-Erdman Elementary School. Their encouraging staff and extra educational opportunities boosted my leadership skills and made me the person I am today. It is because of Lincoln-Erdman that I have a strong work ethic, good people skills, and great leadership abilities. I used those abilities in high school to achieve High Honor Roll every semester, make First-Team All-State for tennis and basketball, win the 2007 WIAA Scholar-Athlete award, and earn a Division 1 basketball scholarship. The staff has changed since I attended school there, but I'm positive the system remains top-notch."

-Kayla Tetschlag
'00 L-E Graduate

Other achievements:
2nd Place at State Basketball Tournament my senior year
Four Basketball Conference Championships
6th Place at State Tennis Tournament my senior year

“Lincoln-Erdman is a very caring and friendly environment that made me the person I am today. I made long lasting friends, including the four best friends I still talk to. I even keep in touch with some teachers that have helped me through my early years of learning. The school taught me all the basics of learning that have led to the college education I am receiving now.”

-Kyle Tetschlag

“Receiving an education from Lincoln-Erdman taught me not only responsibility and leadership, but it also gave me the opportunity to make many lifelong friendships. The quality of teachers and staff at Lincoln-Erdman played a great role in the education I received there. The teachers care greatly about the success of their students and are always there to help. They did an excellent job of preparing me for middle school and also provided many skills which have helped me throughout high school. With the application of these skills I have been able to make many academic, musical, and athletic achievements. Lincoln-Erdman prepared me for the future and made it possible to reach my full potential.”

-Brennan Gundrum
’04 L-E Graduate

Other achievements:
High Honor Roll in 9th and 10th grade with GPA of 4.0 and top 3.2% of class.  
Traveled to Europe with People to People program.
Member of drumline.
Offensive MVP as 9th and 10th grader.

“Lincoln-Erdman is a great school! I liked Lincoln-Erdman because of the caring teachers and staff. At Lincoln-Erdman, there are awesome music programs where you are individually challenged as well as fun after school activities such as L.U.C.K. and Student Council where you could make a difference in the community. I felt academically prepared for middle school this year. Sometimes the teachers would group students together so you could be challenged at the right level. Those are some of the reasons why Lincoln-Erdman is great school.”

Anna Mancl
'07 L-E Graduate