Foster Grandparent Program

Fosters grandparents work individually or in small groups with children with the main focus on reading and math. They spend 15 to 30 hours each week helping students meet academic and social needs.

Foster Grandparents provide personal one-on-one attention, under the direction of the classroom teacher, to students in need of extra help with their studies. The program makes a remarkable difference in the lives of children served. Students look forward to the extra attention and the "special time" they get to spend with an older adult during the school day.

Meet Our Foster Grandparents...

"Working with children is perhaps the best therapy in the world. It gives you a very good feeling."
Grandma Ruth

"It is such a joy having someplace to go every day where you are greeted with smiles and hellos from children and staff."
Grandma Lenora

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Grandma Jean (4K)

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Grandma Sandy (5K)