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Lincoln-Erdman Fifth Graders Research and Present Project to Peers
The fifth grade students at Lincoln-Erdman Elementary School have been working hard on completing a research project.  Each 5th grader chose an animal of interest to research.  After researching online at Lincoln-Erdman the students took a trip to the Mead Public Library where the students began note taking. The notes were then used to write an informative paper on their animal.  The final piece of the project is a student designed Powerpoint slideshow that they presented to classmates.

Students learned many skills during the course of the research project that will benefit them in middle school.  The students learn to locate important information, paraphrase the facts that they find and then organize it into a logical order.  The students take this information and write it in paragraphs that include “attention getting” topic sentences, details and closing sentences.  Creating a Powerpoint presentation to display their learning to their classmates is another focus skill. These are all valuable skills that the 5th graders will use not only in research projects but in many areas in middle school.

Students chose a variety of animals including the snowy owl, ostrich, orangutan, honey monkey, macaw, chimpanzee and polar bear for their research projects.
Sheboygan Area School District Press Release
March 23, 2012