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Lincoln-Erdman Students Enjoy Hmong Leadership Council Presentation
For the second year in a row, the North High Hmong Leadership Council was warmly received at Lincoln-Erdman School. The Hmong girls danced and the Hmong boys played the qeej (a traditional Hmong instrument). The group led the traditional ball tossing game, in which teachers Karen Lieser and Cheryl Meyer participated. To conclude the program, the group then narrated and acted out a Hmong story, which was written by Matthew Miller, North High ELL teacher and leader of this group. The presentation was a meaningful way to teach the Lincoln-Erdman students an appreciation of the Hmong culture. Many of Lincoln-Erdman's Hmong students took part in the day's festivities by wearing their traditional Hmong clothing. At the end of North High's presentation, the Lincoln-Erdman Hmong students (dressed in their traditional costumes) put on a fashion show for the entire school.

Hmong students from left to right in the photograph, along with Lincoln-Erdman's principal:
Daniel Vue, Hayden Lor, Iris Lor, Kassidy Vue, Vivian Lee, Mrs. Steinbruecker (principal), Jade Yaj, Abbey Xiong, Catherine Xiong, Luther Yang, and Kengzong Xiong.
Sheboygan Area School District Press Release
January 15, 2013