A Message from the Principal

Dear Families,

Welcome to Lincoln-Erdman Elementary School, where our motto is “Caring to Learn… Learning to Care.” We serve approximately 400 children in four-year-old kindergarten through fifth grade. Our school is a full service elementary school that provides comprehensive four-year-old kindergarten through fifth grade programming in core academic areas with art, music, and physical education. Library and guidance services are provided for all students of all grades. Children needing extra assistance can receive support in the areas of Learning, Speech and Behavior Disabilities, English Language Learners (ELL), Reading, and our Program for Academic and Creative Enrichment (PACE.)

Our focus is on the development of the whole child, both socially and academically. Students work in learning situations that require interactions with other students and adults. They are encouraged to explore learning concepts not only through written and oral language, but through the arts as well. In addition to providing a strong academic focus for our students, our staff works to assure the healthy, well-rounded development of every child so that each has the knowledge, skills and resiliency to be successful in a rapidly changing world. Technology instruction and equipment for all students is provided in every classroom as well as in the media lab.

All students in grades 4K-5 participate in our Panther Pals character-building program. Grades K-5 attend multi-age sessions held twice a month. During these sessions, children learn the importance of doing for others before thinking of themselves. Essential traits of honesty, respect, responsibility and acting safely are reinforced through games, discussions and action-oriented activities during Panther Pal lessons.

Parents will find a very strong support for parent involvement at Lincoln-Erdman School. We welcome and encourage parents to be involved in classrooms, special events during the day, and after school at PTO events that are held each month for students and their families. In addition to the PTO, we are fortunate to have our Parent Connection Committee, which assists with marketing Lincoln-Erdman for new families moving into the attendance area.

If you are a new family to this area of the community, or are interested in school choice, please stop in to see our school. We have a welcome packet with an accompanying DVD that provides you with information about Lincoln-Erdman. Also, please take some time to visit our website.


Amanda Barttelt Schermetzler