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Main Office Staff


Karl Bekkum
PBIS Coordinator Amy Verhagan
Secretary Eileen Sorenson
Secretary Shannon Ognacevic


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fessional Teaching Staff
Kindergarten Chris Boldt
Kindergarten Karla Brennan
Kindergarten Julie Koleno
Kindergarten Maureen Rudolph
First Grade Julie Dentz
First Grade Diana Korkko
First Grade Julie Huss
First Grade Sara Rautmann
First Grade Julie Hauck
Second Grade Zach King
Second Grade Juli Coffey
Second Grade Lynette Pittner
Second Grade Kayla Babino (sub)
Third Grade Sarah Feider
Third Grade Mallory Spaeth
Third Grade Lou Ann Van Wyk
Third Grade Andrea Jones
Fourth Grade Nancy Zvitkovits
Fourth Grade Cindy Conrad
Fourth Grade Ashley Gunville
Fifth Grade Brian Kuznacic
Fifth Grade Patty Zerger
Fifth Grade Penny Willems
Special Education-EDB-Dubuque K-5 Michelle Debbink
Special Education-EBD-K,1,2 Kathy Beuttenmueller
Special Education-EBD-3,4,5 Deette Hodek
Special Education - LD - K-5 Christine Thiel

ELL Grades

Natalie Vue
ELL Grades Marci Tanz
ELL Grades Jolene Houser
Art Specialist Dianne Ahrens
Physical Education Specialist Josh Virant
Instrumental Music Specialist, Strings Kevin Peterson
Instrumental Music Specialist, Band Kevin Peterson
Vocal Music Specialist Katy Ries
Guidance Counselor Tammy Olig
Library Media Specialist Sheila Miesfeld
Title 1 Specialist Holly Hansen-Grotbeck
Reading/Math Interventionist Lori Roelse
Early Intervention Lead Reading Teacher Geralyn Leannah
Early Intervention Reading Teacher Tina Duwell
School Psychologist Kathy Kobelsky
Occupational Therapy Amanda Egelseer
Physical Therapy Joni Werner


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Support Staff
Educational Assistant - EBD TBA
Educational Assistant - EBD Vicki Crowns
Educational Assistant - Pama Berlin
Educational Assistant - EBD Linda Molzner
Educational Assistant - ELL Sonia Garza
Educational Assistant - EBD Sue Jaehnke
Educational Assistant - Media Carol Longrie
Educational Assistant - ELL Ger Moua
Educational Assistant - Chris Murray
Educational Assistant - EBD Dawn Riebling
Educational Assistant - LD Karen Rosenthal
Educational Assistant - ELL May Vang (morning only)
Educational Assistant - ELL Ia Yang
Head Custodian TBA
Custodian Matthew Ohm


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Foster Grandparents (learn more...) and other volunteers
Grade 1 Grandma Dolores
Grade 2

Grandma Sandy

Grade 3 Grandma Rita
Seniors In Schools volunteer - Gr 4 Grandpa Marty


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