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Longfellow Students Volunteer as JMKAC Junior Docents

Seven Longfellow Elementary School 5th grade students recently completed the Junior Docent training that was taught by staff from the John Michael Kohler Art Center (JMKAC). The students volunteered their time after school to study artworks and to learn how to present art to other students in a Junior Docent capacity.

This leadership program taught the Junior Docents how to display proper etiquette when visiting the JMKAC. The Junior Docents also learned how to question the viewers about what they see, what they think and what do you they wonder about when viewing the artwork.

The Junior Docents will now have the opportunity to practice what they learned when the Longfellow classes visit the John Michael Kohler Art Center. The Junior Docent program includes a brief introduction to 4th graders and continues with the junior docent training sessions for 5th graders. All students are invited to participate.

The Junior Docent program, under the direction of Dianne Ahrens, Longfellow Art Teacher and Marisa Underhill, Education and Community Arts Associate, has been offered to the Longfellow students since 2005-2006.

Junior Docents for the 2009-2010 school year are Elizabeth X., Vicki V., Stephanie D., Caroline O., Mariah S., Devlin B., and Nicole L.

Sheboygan Area School District Press Release
March 17, 2010