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B-Dancing Rocks Longfellow After School Program
Members of the District One B-Dance team (break dancing) wowed the crowd on at the Longfellow After School Program with rhythm, rap and rolls all over the gym floor on Friday, October 5.  Led by Bee Xiong, a senior at North High, high school students, boys and girls alike, performed for the elementary aged students who attend the After School Program.  Bee spoke to the students about the commitment, practice, safety and fun that comes with team dancing.  He answered questions about competition and popularity of breakdancing.  Then the whole team came out and moved with amazing synchronicity and athleticism.  The younger students gasped and clapped as each of the dancers took turns demonstrating a new move.

Bee announced the opportunity for a workshop – on the spot!  All 60 students from the After School Program clamored for a lesson. Each of the dance team members took a group and spread out in the gym to teach and coach. Synergistic magic was everywhere. Afterwards, as parents came to pick up their students, they were treated to a mini performance by the newly minted b-dancers. Pride and sheer joy abounded as kids flipped and spun to their own inner music.

District One has inspired a new generation of bouncing, limber break dancers. Their influence has reached farther than they may ever know.

Sheboygan Area School District Press Release
October 24, 2012