Student Discipline Plan

James Madison Elementary School has an established discipline plan. A key ingredient to an effective school is a safe and orderly environment. A proper discipline program is necessary and your support of it is greatly appreciated.

General Rules
  • Respect self and others.
  • Follow directions the first time they are given.
  • Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself.
  • No cursing, teasing or name-calling.
Hallway Rules
  • Use quiet voices.
  • Walk safely using the right side of the hallway.
  • Classrooms will walk in a straight line, lead by teacher.
  • No playing with toys and balls in the hallways.

Lunchroom Rules

  • Students will use quiet voices in the lunchroom.
    Consequence: A traffic light noise meter will be used to monitor the noise level. If red light goes on, all students will maintain silence for remainder of the lunch period.
  • There will be 16 students per table (4 students per bench).
    Consequence: If the table with your friends is full you will need to find another seat. No squeezing in.
  • Students will be responsible for cleaning up their space after eating. Garbage will be thrown out when table is dismissed.
    Consequence: Non-compliance means that table of students will have to wait until all the other tables are dismissed and try again.
  • When lunchroom supervisor raises a hand, students and staff will stop talking.
  • Students will remain seated at table until dismissed (except when condiments are needed).
  • Students will raise hand if assistance is needed.
  • Two students will be allowed to use the bathroom at a time (bathroom passes will be used).
  • Students will follow directions the first time they are given.

Consequence for Rules 4 – 8: Non-compliance will result in sitting at a designated table in silence.

Playground Expectations

  • Respect others – keep hand and feet to yourself.
  • Do not jump off any equipment.
  • Follow directions the first time they are given.
  • Use equipment properly.
  • Do not throw objects (including snowballs, ice chunks, wood chips and dirt).
  • Bikes and scooters should be walked on the playground.
  • Rollerblades removed.
  • Skateboards should be held.
  • No tackle football, king of the hill, play fighting or playing rough.
  • No spitting!
  • Do NOT go under, over, or around the fence.
  • No playing on the east side of the building.
  • Stay away from the building and bike rack.
  • Play on the blacktop, playground equipment are and the field area.
  • Do not bounce balls against the building.
  • Students must line up immediately and quietly when the bell rings.  They should enter into the building quietly showing respect for the “Learning Zone”.
Indoor Recess Rules
  • Show respect for other classrooms. Use quiet voices.
  • Play appropriate classroom activities and games.
  • No running, jumping, rough housing or other potentially dangerous or disruptive activities.
Playground Equipment Rules
Please review these rules with your child before the start of the school year.
  • First Warning: Student must be on the square for 5 minutes or until the bell rings.
  • Second Warning: Student must be on the square for the remainder of the recess.
  • Discipline Slips will be given for aggressive behavior and inappropriate language.
  • One person at a time.
  • Sit while sliding down.
  • Feet first.
  • Second person can go when first person is off
  • (no pile-ups going down or at the bottom).
  • One way up, down.
  • No toys on the slide.
Adventure Equipment
  • Arm swing only.
  • No one on TOP!
  • No penny drops.
  • No pulling or touching people while on the bars or platforms.
  • One way only.
  • No ball tag on any equipment.
Extra Winter Expectations
  • Do not climb on the snow hills.
  • No snowball throwing.
  • No sliding on the ice.
  • Please stay out of the mud.
  • Staff supervisors will communicate and stand so all
  • playground areas are watched.

Failure to follow school rules will result in the issuance of a Disciplinary Slip. A slip is a notice of inappropriate behavior.

Consequences for misbehavior may include the following:
  • Discipline slip sent home to be signed by parent and returned to school
  • Phone call home/or parents place of employment
  • Conference with Dr. Driscoll, parent and student to determine an appropriate course of action
  • Outdoor recess suspension
  • In-School Suspension
  • Out-of-School Suspension

A child attending James Madison School on “Special Permission” from the District whose behavior is excessively inappropriate may have that “Special Permission” revoked and be asked to attend his/her “Home School”.

In-school suspension (ISS) is a consequence that is served during the school day. A student assigned ISS will spend the day in the office or in another teacher’s classroom. The student will be provided with his/her work for the day and is expected to complete it before the end of the day.

Out-of-school suspension (OSS) can be assigned for up to 5 days.