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James Madison Students Hunt for Treasures

Fourth grade teacher Sue Meinel and second grade teacher Terry Urben took a Geocaching class taught by Instructional Technology Support Teacher Jane Arps through the Sheboygan Area School District (SASD.) Geocaching is outdoor treasure hunting in which you use a Global Positioning System (GPS) to find or hide containers (called geocaches)

Meinel and Urben brought geocaching into the classroom to enhance learning and to provide a real life experience for students. They brought math and science to life by supporting student's use of the GPS to find 2 hidden "caches" on the James Madison property. The students had to use their knowledge of direction and utilize their senses to find the cache. Excitement heightened as their GPS told them they were getting closer to the cache

One fourth grader in Ms. Meinel's class, said, "it was fun and a great adventure." Second graders in Terry Urben's book club group found modern day treasure hunting (geocaching) more difficult than the treasure hunting they read about in the story The Seven Treasure Hunts

Lucas Taubenheim stated, "It was hard but we found it working together as a team."

Sheboygan Area School District Press Release
October 24, 2009