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James Madison Students Get First Hand Experience Running a Business
On Friday, January 27, 2012, James Madison fourth graders in Mrs. Tammy Babler’s class operated the business of selling nachos as part of their economics unit. In preparation for the sale, students posted signs and made daily announcements to the entire school to advertise the upcoming sale. In addition, they sold tickets and were in charge of preparing and distributing the final product to their customers. During the sale, students provided excellent customer service as they led peers in the selection and transport of trays as needed.

The Nachos R Us business provides students with an opportunity to employ real-life mathematical skills, which include making change, along with analyzing costs and profit margins. Public relations skills are utilized as students work to positively resolve quality control issues while also recognizing the importance of presenting a quality product backed by good customer service.

Currently, the students of James Madison conduct four nacho sales per year. Most of the funds raised from sales are reinvested into the Nachos R Us business to purchase supplies for the upcoming yearly sales. At the end of the year, students decide as a class how they would like to spend any profits that remain. Typically, students opt to put the funds toward the purchase of something for the entire classroom or to cover costs for additional field trips that may not be covered through district funding. This year marks the eleventh year anniversary of the Nachos R Us business, which originated through the successful grant-writing efforts of former fourth grade teachers, Phyllis Becker and Susan Meinel.
Sheboygan Area School District Press Release
February 2, 2012