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James Madison Students Visit Sheboygan County Museum
On Tuesday, February 7th, James Madison fourth graders toured the Sheboygan County Museum as part of their social studies curriculum, which encompasses the study of Native Americans of Sheboygan County.

While there, students explored Native American artifacts and engaged in several hands-on activities including basket weaving, the creation of regalia, symbol writing, and lashing tree limbs with sinew. Students also learned how to properly carry a cradleboard as well as how to create a fire using various primitive tools.  

The visit also included exploration of the museum’s wigwam, dug-out canoe, and ancient tools and artifacts exhibits. The day ended with a celebratory powwow, complete with drums, flags, and student dancers donned in personal regalia.
Sheboygan Area School District Press Release
February 20, 2012