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Employees Get Fit with 'Power of 10' Challenge
As part of the Sheboygan Area School District (SASD) wellness program, employees were offered an opportunity to participate in the ‘Power of Ten’ challenge to lose at least 10 pounds. 148 SASD employees, their spouses, and SASD retirees participated. Weekly challenges were given and participants were expected to exercise two and a half  hours each week in their quest to lose at least 10 pounds over a 17 week period.   Ultimately, 87 people completed the challenge and weighed in the final week, and 45 of the finishers lost 10 pounds or more.  The total weight loss for the group of participants was 860.9 pounds!

Each year, the school with the highest percentage of weight loss receives a traveling trophy. This year, the trophy goes to the winning team at James Madison Elementary School made up of Lynn Weinfurter, Amanda & Nick Klein, Tammy Babler, and Jamie Schlueter.

Pictured: (from left) Jamie Schlueter, Lynn Weinfurter, Amanda Klein, and Tammy Babler. Not pictured:  Nick Klein.
Sheboygan Area School District Press Release
June 18, 2013