Information for Parents

Show your child you think learning is important...

Children are like the rest of us - they do what they think is most important. If they see that learning is important to you, they're more likely to do their best at school.

Here are some ways to send the message that learning is a priority at your house:

  • Show pride in your child's academic growth. Look at the homework that comes home. Praise your child for improvements. "You got one more spelling word right this week. Good job!" Post good papers on the refrigerator. Write letters to grandparents or other family members on the back of some of your child's good assignments.
  • Encourage your child to work hard. Help your child see the link between work and success.
  • Help your child see himself as a problem solver. "I'll bet you can figure that out. You're good at solving problems."
  • Give schoolwork the priority in your house. Do not let athletics or television or even reading for pleasure keep your child from doing his school assignments.
  • Talk with your child. Use new words and encourage your child to use new words, too. Have a "word of the week" and challenge every family member to use it.
  • Create structure in your child's day. One of the best ways to show your child that schoolwork is important is to set aside a regular time for it.
Your child is likely to adopt your attitude about learning. So make it a good one!