James Madison MatrixPositive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS)


PBIS at James Madison

James Madison uses PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports) to promote and teach appropriate behaviors and pro-social skills in order to maximize academic success for all students.

Eagle Expectations: We follow three Eagle Expectations: Be Safe, Be Respectful, and Be Responsible.  Eagle Expectations are explained on the school behavior matrix.  Students learn the Eagle Expectations during the PBIS Kick Off the first week of school.

Acknowledgements: Students following the Eagle Expectations and demonstrating other positive behaviors may be acknowledged by a staff member with an Eagle Ticket.  Tickets may be turned in for weekly prize drawings.  The last Friday of each month is Ticket Trade Treat Day.  Students may turn in 10 Eagle Tickets for a treat during lunch. We also celebrate James Madison students’ successes with the classroom Traveling Eagle Trophy. The classroom receiving the most nominations for following the Expectation of the Month earns the trophy and an ice cream party.

Cool Tool Lessons:  Eagle Expectations are taught and reinforced throughout the year during Cool Tool behavioral lessons. Cool Tools are taught during monthly assembly, Cool Tool Groups, or in the classroom.  

Assemblies: All school celebration assemblies are held monthly.  Assembly begins with the Pledge of Allegiance and the Madison School Cheer lead by 5th grade students.  Each grade takes a turn throughout the year to teach a Cool Tool lesson. Teachers acknowledge students for being the PBIS Star Students of the month, the Traveling Eagle Trophy is awarded and Family Eagle Awards are presented.  Families may complete the Madison Family Eagle Award Checklist together to receive the Family Eagle Award.  The checklist encourages families to participate in positive activities at home, at school and together as a family at school. Parents are welcome to join us for assemblies to celebrate students’ positive behaviors at Madison.

Quarterly Incentive Celebrations:  At the end of each quarter, we celebrate students’ positive behaviors with an All-School Incentive Celebration activity.  Students who have received Office Discipline Referrals during the quarter may be asked to “Buy Back” the privilege of attending the activity through a community service project at school.

Office Discipline Referrals: When students do not follow Eagle Expectations or make poor choices, an Office Discipline Referral (ODR) may be given.  The ODR form identifies the problem behavior as a minor or major behavior, the location, perceived motivation and action taken by staff.  Teachers and other staff take action with Minor ODRs.  A copy is sent home with the student and parents are asked to sign the Minor ODR and have the student return it to his/her teacher. The principal takes action for all Major ODRs.  Please ask students to return parent signed Major ODRs to Mr. Ledermann.

Tier 2 Interventions: Tier 2 interventions including Check In/Check Out and Social/Academic Instructional Groups, may be used with students who need increased support and frequent feedback for behaviors. The school counselor will contact parents if students need Tier 2 interventions.

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