Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)

The James Madison P.T.O. (Parent Teachers Organization) has been highly involved in improving our school.  All parents are urged to become members and to actively participate.  Meetings are scheduled monthly at 3:45 - 4:45 p.m. on the second Tuesday of the month in the IMC.

Each year the P.T.O. sponsors several fund-raising projects.  With the help of all parents, these projects can be very successful.  They allow the P.T.O. to fund many important activities at the school.





          PTO Tile Project

 Tiles Created by our Eagles




Ashley Balde

(920) 918-9525


Ashley Balde

(920) 918-9525

Parent Rep. Facilitator

Shameka and Paul Riley


Teacher Representative

Leanne Ringwell

(920) 459-3585

Teacher Representative



Mr. Jason Ledermann

(920) 459-3587



PTO has purchased many items for James Madison. We purchased digital camera’s for the staff and children to utilize, books for “switch around” reading groups, playground structure, playground equipment, outdoor swing for CDS, climbing wall for the gym, hand held Thesaurus/Dictionaries, Marquee and many miscellaneous items. PTO helps subsidize some field trips and ink cartridges, laminate, and year book costs. PTO sponsors several family nights throughout the year.

PTO is a wonderful way to become involved in your child/children’s education. We welcome all parents and grandparents.

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