Information for Families

School Facts
2008-2009 School Year

Student Enrollment 303
Grades K–5
half-day kindergarten option
Student Attendance Rate 95.7%
Administrators 1
Teachers 30
Average Student-to-Teacher ratio 10:1
Highly Qualified Teachers 100%
Teachers with Masters Degree or Higher 55%
Teachers with at least 5 years experience 71%

Students transition to:

Horace Mann Middle School
2820 Union Ave, Sheboygan  

South High School
3128 South 12th St, Sheboygan


School Facility

  • One story brick building located in a safe residential area
  • Large front entry with a pull-through driveway provides a easy flow of traffic for parent drop-off and pick-up
  • Air conditioned
  • Handicap Accessible
  • Spacious library media center
  • Art room
  • Music room
  • Up-to-date computer lab and technology equipment
  • Kindergarten rooms all have private restrooms
  • Teacher and volunteer workrooms
  • Health room staffed with on-site school nurse
  • New gymnasium with climbing wall and state-of-the-art physical education equipment
  • Pool and locker rooms
  • Classroom space and equipment to meet the varying needs of our special education students
  • Large outdoor playground area

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