Information about Our School


The Northeast Wisconsin (N.E.W.) Montessori School is a parent- and teacher-initiated, community-supported school offering authentic Montessori education beyond the already existing private schools which serve ages 3 through kindergarten. The school enrolls students in grades 1-6. The goal of the school is to develop an authentic Montessori school which would contain but not be limited to the following elements:

  • A child-centered approach allowing each child to form his or her own instructional plan under the guidance of the teacher. Mastery of work takes place as children concentrate on self-selected work for up to three hours. Children are thus active participants in their own educational process.
  • A prepared environment consisting of specific, hands-on, sequential materials and curriculum created by Dr. Maria Montessori and other Montessori educators.
  • A multi-age classroom divided into a three or six year age span pending enrolled students.
  • Exposure to art and music instruction.
  • Outdoor gardens designed and created with student participation.
  • Active involvement of children, parents, and community members as participants in learning opportunities, both inside and outside of the school building, and in partnership with the school.
  • An Association Montessori International (AMI) or American Montessori Society (AMS) certified teacher.

What is Montessori?
Montessori is an educational philosophy that believes that the greatest learning takes place through student’s senses and through kinesthetic activity within the learning environment. It is a “whole child” approach to learning. The aim is to assist students in reaching their full potential in every area of life.

Who are the students?
Northeast Wisconsin Montessori Charter School has students enrolled in grades 1-6. Admission is open to all first grade students, with or without Montessori experience. However, students in grades 2-6 are required to have prior Montessori experience. A lottery system will be used if there are more applicants than available space in the school. The exemptions to the lottery process are students who are currently enrolled in the school and siblings of children currently enrolled, children of the charter school teachers (to be a small percentage of total enrollment), and children of the school founders (to be a small percentage of total enrollment). These children are exempt from the requirements of a lottery and they can remain in attendance throughout all subsequent grades.

What will a school day look like?
The daily schedule will provide for uninterrupted work time in the morning and afternoon allowing students to form their own instructional plan under the guidance of the teacher and concentrate on self-selected work for up to three hours thus working towards mastery. During this uninterrupted work time the student may be involved in individual lessons, small group lessons or project work. Art and music specialists will be a resource for project work. It is proven that students learn more when they feel in charge of their learning and actually gain a love of learning without realizing it.

What is the curriculum?
The N.E.W. Montessori School follows the same SASD standards and benchmarks as a traditional elementary school, but the delivery method is differentiated to meet the individual needs of the students. Elementary work includes language, mathematics (geometry, algebra, and arithmetic), geography, biology, history, art, music, and science presented through an integrated curriculum.

Students work individually or in small groups exploring the content areas through specific skill lessons or a variety of projects.

Is transportation provided?
No transportation is provided for the Northeast Wisconsin Montessori Charter School students.

For more information contact Kathy Stolzmann, Secretary, at (920) 693-8241 or email her at