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Sheridan Food Drive Successful

Sheridan Elementary School's Student Council sponsored a food drive for people in need during the week of November 10 through the 14th. Each day of the week was assigned a particular food group.


On Monday students and staff brought canned fruit, Tuesday over 100 cereal boxes were brought, Wednesday everyone brought canned vegetables, Thursday was soup day, and finally on Friday everyone brought food itemks of their choice. All students and staff earned a pencil after the first 300 items were brought in. After 600 food items were brought in, everyone earned a small treat. When the school reached its goal of 1000 items, there was an all school popcorn party. Every person that brought in canned goods put their name in a drawing and a winner was selected each day. There were 90 food items brought in on Monday, 117 on Tuesday, 294 on Wednesday, 382 on Thursday, and on Friday there were 431 food items brought in.

Student Council members promoted the food drive. Signs were made to hang in the school, letters were written to parents, emails were sent to the staff, announcements were posted on the school's website, and cheers were developed to promote the activity. Students Riley, Victor, and Anna showed awesome leadership skills by running the food drive. Sheridan's Student Council was most impressed with the generosity of the students and staff. According to one student leader, "It was exhausting, but worth it, because you know you're helping families in need."

Sheboygan Area School District Press Release
November 19, 2008